Completion of the Resilient Heritage project, Windows onto the future, funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund.
(5 Jun. 2020)

The Stained Glass Museum completed its 2-year National Lottery Heritage Funded project 'Windows onto the future: investigating options for a resilient and sustainable Stained Glass Museum' in May 2020.
The Stained Glass Museum completed its 'Windows onto the future: investigating options for a resilient and sustainable Stained Glass Museum' project in May 2020. The two-year project, funded by the National Lottery Heritage Fund's Resilient Heritage grant scheme, has enabled the museum to consider in detail its strategic options for future development, as well as examining its current business model, operational context and existing audiences.

The key findings from the project have emphasised that the Stained Glass Museum is a treasured and much-loved museum that inspires audiences of all ages, with a highly lean operating model. In order for the museum to build on the last 40 years of success and growth, the project outlined several areas for the museum to explore further: how to maximise the existing partnership with Ely Cathedral, how the museum can fulfil its vision as a national centre for stained glass in the future (on site and/or in potential new locations), how to develop digital presence and expand partnerships with the creative sector. In addition, the project considered the financial viability of different options and set out ways to build resilience in to the organisation to ensure any future development is sustainable.

In formulating the Strategic Options Appraisal, external consultants were appointed and consulted with staff and volunteers, Trustees and various groups of stakeholders. The project was driven forward by a Project Advisory Committee (PAC), established for the duration of the project. The PAC was formed of representative Trustees, the museum’s Director and external members. This committee worked with external consultants, other Trustees and stakeholders to deliver the Strategic Options Appraisal. Although the funded project has now finished, the PAC has agreed to continue to support the Museum’s Trustees as they explore in more detail the continued development of the museum in its current location, Ely Cathedral, and the possibility of future relocation to another site. Evaluation of the Project, carried out by an independent consultant, demonstrated that the project has been successful. It has enabled the Museum to formulate a clear vision and strategic priorities, identify potential opportunities for relocation, and delivered many benefits including training for staff and Trustees. Consequently, the project has been a very positive experience for the museum as a whole, and laid the foundation work for the next stage in the Museum’s future.

The Stained Glass Museum would like to thank the National Lottery Heritage Fund for supporting this strategic project, as well as the PAC, external consultants Metavalue and Belmana, Museum staff and volunteers, and our stakeholders and supporters.

More information about the Project:
The Stained Glass Museum was awarded £88,000 from the National Lottery Heritage Fund through its Resilient Heritage grant scheme to undertake this project. The aims of the project were to develop a mid- to long-term masterplan, train and equip trustees to make informed decisions on the museum’s future in order to ensure the museum’s long-term resilience and continued success. The project was carried out with the support of external consultants Metavalue and Belmana, and external advisors appointed to the Project Advisory Committee.

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