Tinker, Tailor... new works by Rachel Milligan inspired by covid-19

  (c) Stained Glass Museum

Until 25 August 2021

The new series of work by stained glass artist Rachel Mulligan was inspired by the old fortune-telling rhyme Tinker, tailor, soldier, sailor, rich man, poor man, beggar man or thief?

During Lockdown Rachel was reminded of two sketches she had made almost 20 years ago of stained glass panels illustrating Tailor and Soldier. She posted the sketches on Instagram and discovered they were made in the 1930s by Charles Paine and Daisy Luther and that panels illustrating Tinker and Sailor also existed. While sketching them Rachel began thinking about how the theme could be retold with a contemporary twist to reflect the tremendous effort of the community during the Covid crisis. From the building of the Nightingale hospitals to the cleaners in care homes, and from Thursday night clapping to supporting those people who suddenly had no income, the eight panels reflect daily life in 2020.

Rachel is inspired by Medieval art and storytelling. Her work is usually very detailed but in these panels she was emulating the pared back, graphic style of the 1930’s originals. During the summer she travelled to Lamberts in Germany so she could select the right mouth-blown glass for the project. The glass has been engraved, painted and stained. Having finished work on the stained glass Rachel then revisited her printmaking past and turned the designs into a series of linocuts, the first she has made in 25 years. Rachel is delighted to be showcasing the new work at the Stained Glass Museum in Ely. It is an inspiring place to visit with so many beautiful and historic panels housed in a stunning location.

Journeys - Teithiau

Journeys: to Wharfe from Thames and Tawe - Teithiau: I'r Wharfe o'r Tafwys a'r Tawe
  (c) Jonathon Cooke

18 May 2021 - 25 June 2021

In 2018, Jonathan Cooke and friends held an exhibition Fire, Light and Shade at Ilkley's iconic Manor House. In 2019 Jonathan was one of the invited exhibitors at the highly acclaimed Inspired by Burne Jones event at the Grange Gallery, Rottingdean, renewing friendships with other stained glass colleagues. These serendipitous connections were the background against which plans were conceived for this new exhibition.

By the time it became clear that Covid-19 was going to disrupt the original project and exhibition dates, some of the artists had started developing their ideas and realising their designs on the theme of "Journeys". With the world almost at a standstill, the theme seemed more than ever to capture the imagination.

Journeys: to Wharfe from Thames and Tawe will be on show to the public at The Stained Glass Museum between 18 May 2021 - 25 June 2021. This exhibition features works by the following established artists:

Jonathan Cooke

Catrin Davies

Nicola Kantorowicz FMGP

Elizabeth Lamont

Rachel Phillips

Christian Ryan AMGP

Caroline Swash FMGP

The participating artists have created a virtual gallery of work in progress.

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