TALKS 2024

Spring Talks

Julia Stephenson (Head of Art, National Glass Centre, Sunderland), Harrison Davies (Curator, Stourbridge Glass Museum) and Peter Frost (Executive Director, St Helen’s World of Glass), 'A spotlight on our glass heritage', Wednesday 13 March, online webinar.

Ayako Tani (glass artist) and Christopher Day (glass artist), 'The Art of Glassblowing', Wednesday 20 March, online webinar.

Andrew Moor (Glass Art Consultant), 'Architectural Glass: The Supreme Art with Andrew Moor',
Wednesday 27 March, online webinar.

TALKS 2023

Autumn Talks

Lily Crowther (Curator, Leamington Spa Art Gallery & Museum), 'Powell & Sons' opus sectile: innovation in glass mosaics, 1860s-1890s', Wednesday 4 October 2023, online webinar.

Edward Johnson (Curator of Medieval and Renaissance Art, The Burrell Collection) and Dr Marie Groll (York Glaziers Trust), 'William Burrell's Stained Glass Collection', Wednesday 11 October 2023, online webinar.

Dr Sue Tate (Freelance Art Historian), 'Pauline Boty: Collage into Stained Glass', Thursday 2 November 2023, online webinar.

Spring Talks

Alison Kinnaird (Glass engraver), 'A Different View', Wednesday 8 March 2023, online webinar.

Debora Coombs (Stained glass artist and mathematician), 'A life in Stained Glass and Geometry', Wednesday 15 March 2023, online webinar.

Petri Anderson (Stained glass artist), 'The Road to Pohjola', Wednesday 22 March 2023, online webinar.


Autumn Lectures

An Artist Talk with Pinkie Maclure, Wednesday 12 October 2022, online webinar.

Prof. Virginia Raguin (College of the Holy Cross), 'Collaborative Creators of the American Opalescent', Wednesday 19 October 2022, online webinar.

Liesbeth Langouche (Ghent), 'Masterpieces and pattern books of leaded panels: the Ulrix manuscript', Wednesday 2 November, online webinar.


Autumn Lectures

Suzanne Phillips Galloway (University of Buckingham), 'The Illuminated Canvas: Francis Eginton (1737-1805), the Prospect Hill Studio and Glass Painting in late Georgian Britain', Wednesday 22 September 2021, online webinar.

Dr Jasmine Allen (The Stained Glass Museum), 'Kehinde Wiley's Stained Glass Art', Wednesday 29 September 2021, 7pm, online webinar.

Dr Laura Adlington (Strainoptics), 'Dating Nathan: The Oldest Stained Glass Window in England?', Wednesday 6 October 2021, online webinar.

Dr David Caron (National College of Art and Design, Dublin), 'Irish Stained Glass: from An Túr Gloine to the present day', Wednesday 13 October 2021, online webinar.

Spring Lectures

Jeff Hopewell, 'The Stained Glass of Douglas Hamilton with Jeff Hopewell', Wednesday 24 February 2021, online webinar.

Martin Crampin, 'Welsh Saints in Stained Glass', Wednesday 3 March 2021, online webinar.

Chris Parkinson, 'How to identify 19th century stained glass makers', Wednesday 10 March 2021, online webinar.

Mark Angus, 'A Dialogue between Poetry and Abstraction', Wednesday 14 April 2021, online webinar.

Erica Statham, 'Medieval Treasures of Leicester: Wygston's House Glass', Wednesday 21 April 2021, online webinar.

The Stained Glass Museum, 'Redundancy, Ruin and Rescue: Stories from our Collection', 28 April 2021, online webinar.


Autumn Lectures

Dr Jim Cheshire (Associate Professor of Cultural History, University of Lincoln), 'Portraiture in Victorian Stained Glass', Thursday 22 October 2020, online webinar.

Leonie Seliger, (Director of Stained Glass, Canterbury Cathedral), '"In the mind’s eye" – restoring historic stained glass in the digital age. Could we, and should we?', Wednesday 28 October 2020, online webinar.

Mel Howse, (Glass artist), 'In the Light of Modernity', Wednesday 4 November 2020, online webinar.

Rachel Mulligan (Stained Glass Artist), 'Tinker Tailor and Other Tales in Stained Glass', Wednesday 9 December 2020, online webinar.

Annual Lecture

Helen Whittaker MA FMGP, 'Old Craft, New Art: An Artistic Journey in Stained Glass', Wednesday 15 July 2020, online webinar.


Annual Lecture

Prof. David Newman (University of Ben-Gurion), 'David Hillman’s Stained Glass windows for Synagogues', Monday 16 September 2019, Ely Cathedral Conference Centre, Ely.

Autumn Lectures

Jane Brocket (author of How to Look at Stained Glass (2018)), 'Mid-century modernity: new ways of looking at postwar stained glass', Wednesday 2 October 2019, Ely Cathedral Conference Centre.

Laura Atkinson (Conservator, The Cathedral Studios, Canterbury), 'Redisplaying fragments of the newly discovered medieval glazing of Westminster Abbey', Wednesday 9 October 2019, Ely Cathedral Conference Centre.

Becky Clark (Director of Churches and Cathedrals for the Archbishops' Council of the Church of England), 'New glass commissions and their significance in the life and worship of a church or cathedral', Wednesday 16 October 2019, Ely Cathedral Conference Centre.

Rev. Canon Jeremy Haselock (Chaplain to Her Majesty the Queen and former Vice-Dean of Norwich Cathedral), 'John McLean’s three windows for Norwich Cathedral', Wednesday 23 October 2019, Ely Cathedral Conference Centre.


Autumn Lectures

Caroline Swash ATD FMGP, 'Henry Payne (1867-1940)', Wednesday 3 October 2018, Ely Cathedral Education & Conference Centre, Ely.

Arthur Rope, 'Margaret Rope of Shrewsbury (1882-1953), her life and works', Wednesday 10 October 2018, Ely Cathedral Education & Conference Centre, Ely.

Geoff Brandwood, 'The Golden Age of Pub Building + Beer Tasting by MileTree Brewery', Wednesday 17 October 2018, Oliver Cromwell House, Ely.

Dr Clare Barry, 'Glass and the Seaside Pier', Wednesday 24 October 2018, Ely Cathedral Education & Conference Centre, Ely.

Annual Lecture

Jasmine Allen (Stained Glass Museum), 'Exhibiting Stained Glass in 19th Century London and Paris', Wednesday 9 May 2018, Ely Cathedral. Download Poster (PDF)


Autumn Lectures

Katie Harrison (University of York), 'Building the Picture: Investigating the Life of St Cuthbert Window, York Minster', Wednesday 13 September 2017, Ely Cathedral Education & Conference Centre, Ely.

Dr Ayla Lepine (University of Essex / University of Cambridge), 'Aesthetes and Anglicans: Sacred Beauty in Stained Glass and Painting by Edward Burne-Jones', Wednesday 20 September 2017, Ely Cathedral Education & Conference Centre, Ely.

Revd Steve Day (Vicar, Papworth), 'All 250. The stained glass windows of Ely Diocese', Wednesday 27 September 2017, Ely Cathedral Education & Conference Centre, Ely.

Derek Hunt FMGP ACR, 'Recently completed architectural glass commissions', Wednesday 4 October 2017, Ely Cathedral Education & Conference Centre, Ely.

Annual Lecture

David Dungworth, 'The Science of Stained Glass', Saturday 20 May 2017, Ely Cathedral.


Autumn Lectures

Andrew Loutit, '"Proud as a Peacock" - the work of Theodora Salusbury 1875-1956', Thursday 29 September 2016, Ely Cathedral Education & Conference Centre, Ely.

Alan Brooks, 'Lowndes & Drury and Post-War Stained Glass', Thursday 6 October 2016, Ely Cathedral Education & Conference Centre, Ely.

Diana Coulter 'Keith New (1926-2012): master colourist and innovator', Thursday 13 October 2016, Ely Cathedral Education & Conference Centre, Ely.

Annual Lecture

John Reyntiens (Stained glass artist, Reyntiens Glass Studio), 'Still finding my way: a career in stained glass', Thursday 30 June 2016, Art worker's Guild, London.


Autumn Lectures
Prof. Paul Binski (Professor of Art History, University of Cambridge), 'Wonderful Windows and English Gothic Art', Tuesday 22 September 2015, Ely Cathedral Education & Conference Centre, Ely.

Dr. Libby Horner (Art Historian), 'Frank Brangwyn's Stained Glass', Tuesday 29 September 2015, Ely Cathedral Education & Conference Centre, Ely.

Adrian Barlow (Art Historian), 'Charles Eamer Kempe and His Circle', Thursday 8 October 2015, Ely Cathedral Education & Conference Centre, Ely.

Annual Lecture

Keith Barley MBE FMGP ACR (head Conservator of Barley Studios), '"Herkenrode Conserved": the remarkable survival of a sixteenth-century masterpiece', Wednesday 29 July 2015, Art Worker's Guild, London.


Glass Collections in East Anglia - Autumn Series

Dr Jasmine Allen (Curator, The Stained Glass Museum, Ely), 'Masterpieces in colour and design: Medieval to contemporary stained glass at the Stained Glass Museum', Thursday 18 September, The Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge

Dr Vicky Avery (Keeper of Applied Arts, Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge), 'From Renaissance Venice to Post-Modern London: Highlights from the glass collection at the Fitzwilliam', Thursday 25 September, The Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge

Tom Perrett (Head of The Higgins, Bedford), 'A Museum in mind: Glass in the Cecil Higgins Collection', Thursday 9 October, The Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge

Prof. Paul Greenhalgh (Director, Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts, Norwich), 'Symbolism, naturalism, and decadence: Art Nouveau glass at the Sainsbury Centre for Visual Arts', Thursday 16 October, The Fitzwilliam Museum, Cambridge (rescheduled from the 2 October)

WWI Lecture
Dr Neil Moat, "He is nor Here...": First World memorial stained glass and the fragile art of remembranceWednesday 24 September, Ely Cathedral.

Annual Lecture
Dr Sharman Kadish (Director of Jewish Heritage UK), 'An Art Illuminated: Stained Glass in British Synagogues', Wednesday 23 July, New West End Synagogue, London.


Autumn Lecture Series
Dr Nicola Gordon Bowe (Associate Fellow at the Faculty of Visual Culture, National College of Art and Design, Dublin), ‘Wilhelmina Geddes (1887-1955): "The greatest stained glass artist of our time"?’, Friday 27 September, St Peter’s Church, Broad Street, Ely.

Dr Nicola Gordon Bowe (Associate Fellow at the Faculty of Visual Culture, National College of Art and Design, Dublin), ‘The St. Wilfrid and St. John Berchmans Window in the Wider Context of Harry Clarke’s Stained Glass’, Saturday 28 September, The Stained Glass Museum Gallery, Ely Cathedral.

Martin Crampin (Research Student, University of Wales), ‘Ancient & Modern: Stained Glass from Welsh Churches’, Tuesday 22 October, St Peter’s Church, Broad Street, Ely.

Marie Stumpff (Senior Conservator, Glasgow Museums), ‘Research and Conservation of stained glass at the Burrell Collection in Glasgow’, Tuesday 29 October, St Peter’s Church, Broad Street, Ely.

Kate Baden-Fuller (Glass Artist and author of Contemporary Stained Glass) 'Contemporary Stained Glass - a selection from across the world’, Friday 8 November, St Peter’s Church, Broad Street, Ely.

Annual Lecture
Sarah Brown (Director of York Glaziers Trust), 'The Conservation of a Medieval Masterpiece: John Thornton's Stained Glass Apocalypse in York Minster', Wednesday 24 July, Art Worker's Guild, London.


Stained Glass Stories in the Square Mile (Tuesday 4 June 2024, 10.30am -3.30pm)

A day of guided walks exploring the wealth of stained glass within the historic churches of the unique square mile of the City of London. We will explore windows both old and modern created by a series of remarkable artists and craftsmen in a variety of styles. Discover unique stained glass stories of people, time and place.

Stained Glass in Huntingdonshire (Friday 8 June 2018, 10.30am-5.30pm)

A coach tour exploring Huntingdonshire churches guided by Reverend Stephen Day (author of Stained Glass in Huntingdonshire, and Dr Jasmine Allen. Visits included Wistow (15th century stained glass depicting the Annunciation); Huntingdon (19th century glass); Great Stukeley (20th century glass by Don Drury); Godmancheser (glass by Charles Gibbs, C.E. Kempe and Burlison & Grylls); and St Ives (where we will see the medieval chapel bridge and parish church.

Visit to St George’s Chapel, Windsor and Eton College Chapel (Monday 17 July 2017, 10.15am-4.30pm)

A visit to St George’s Chapel (a Royal peculiar founded by Edward III in 1348 and chapel of the Order of the Garter) in the grounds of Windsor Castle, guided by Sarah Brown, editor of A History of the Stained Glass of St George's Chapel, Windsor (2006). Followed by a visit to Eton College, founded in 1440 by Henry VI, guided by Jasmine Allen, Curator of the Stained Glass Museum and Rebeca Tessier, Collections Cataloguer and Museum Officer at Eton College. Many of the windows in Eton College Chapel contain stunning 20th century stained glass by Evie Hone, Moira Forsyth and Piper/Reyntiens (along with a mid-Victorian window that survived WWII bombing).

'Mitres, Martlets and Mantling': A Heraldry Study Day with Chloë Cockerill (Saturday 10 September 2016, 10.30am-4pm)

Heraldry is all around us – in both ecclesiastical and secular buildings – and can often provide vital information about the people associated with, and the history of a building or place. This Study Day provided a basic introduction to the language and art of heraldry in all its various forms.

The day was split into two halves. In the morning session we were given two informal introductory lectures the first of which focussed on how to identify and describe shields, colours, furs and the royal arms, and the second focussed on how to understand heraldic arms which demonstrate peerage, and family pedigree. In the afternoon we went on a heraldic tour of Ely Cathedral to look at ecclesiastical arms and many other examples of heraldry in situ, before visiting The Stained Glass Museum to see some fine examples of heraldic stained glass in both the Museum’s main gallery and reserve collection.

Chloë Cockerill is a former Regional Development Manager for The Churches Conservation Trust. She is a lecturer for NADFAS, The National Trust and many historical associations throughout Britain, with a special interest in heraldry and fabulous beasts. She has written articles and guide books on churches and heraldry and is an Ely Cathedral guide and Friend of The Stained Glass Museum.

Stained Glass Walking Tour in Fulham and Putney (21 May 2016)

Walking tour with stained glass artist and teacher Caroline Swash, author of 100 Best Stained Glass Sites in London (2015), exploring four sites in Fulham and Putney.

Stained Glass in Essex Churches (30 June 2015)

Guided visit to Clavering, Little Easton, Great Dunmow, Saffron Walden and Newport. This group of relatively unknown churches includes 15th-century stained glass at Clavering (restored by Lowndes and Drury in the 1920s), 17th-century glass by Baptista Sutton at Little Easton and a variety of Arts and Crafts stained glass at Great Dunmow. Guided by Christopher Parkinson and Jasmine Allen.

Science and Stained Glass (February 2015)
Guided visit to Royal Medical Hospital, Whitechapel and Royal Society of Chemistry with Caroline Swash

Hot Glass!(Wednesday 26 February 2014, 10-4pm)
Visit to London Glassblowing Studio and the V&A Museum

Explore one of Europe’s leading glassmaking studios and the collection of stained glass in the world’s first public museum of decorative arts.

At the London Glassblowing Studio, established by Peter Layton in 1976, we will gain a unique insight into the magical transformation of hot molten glass into unique free blown artworks. We will then travel by tube to the V&A Museum where we will be met by Assistant Curator of Glass and Ceramics, Terry Bloxham, and guided round the stained glass, including the recently conserved and reinstalled William Bell Scott windows designed and made for the Museum building, 1867-69.

Study Day along the Norfolk and Suffolk Border (June 2013)

Visits to Elveden, Herringswell, Icklingham and West Tofts

Study Weekends

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