Windows on Worlds

A participatory storytelling session richly resourced with costumes and props that will take your pupils on an imaginative journey exploring the use of colour in the Museum. This session is an excellent springboard into Literacy and English activity back in school. Why not extend your visit by combining this session with one of our art and craft activities?
30 minutes
£1.50 per pupil (minimum charge £15)

NEW Arts Award Discover in a Day

A specially tailored experience that supports your pupils to achieve their Arts Award Discover certificate. Pupils will discover how stained glass is made, and then create their own fused glass artworks in response to one of our panels.
Full day experience
£15 per pupil (minimum charge £150)

SEASONAL Candlelight and Colours

Delivered in partnership with Ely Cathedral, join us for a seasonal Advent workshop. Pupils will participate in an interactive Advent tour of the Cathedral, explore the Christmas story at The Stained Glass Museum, and make their own painted acrylic Christmas decorations.
Full day experience
£6 per pupil (minimum charge £75)


These activities can be adapted to suit a wide range of ages and abilities. Sessions can also be enhanced and extended in length and complexity for more advanced learners. Please contact the Learning Officer directly if you would like to discuss any of these activities in more detail.


In this workshop pupils will be able to decorate a pre-printed acrylic suncatcher to display in a window at home or at school. This session is most suitable for EYFS and KS1.
30 minutes
£2 per pupil (minimum charge £30)

Glass Painting

Pupils will have time to explore the Museum and collect details and motifs from the panels on display. They will then be supported to turn these into a design for a final piece, which they will transfer onto either acrylic or glass using paints and pens. This session is suitable for KS1 and beyond.
1 hour and 30 minutes
£3.50 per pupil if painting onto acrylic; £4.50 per pupil if painting onto glass (minimum charge £35)

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