To help you find out more about stained glass we have gathered some information about the stylistic development of stained glass throughout history, as illustrated by examples from our collection, a glossary of stained glass terms to help familiarise yourself with useful vocabulary and also take a look at our Frequently Asked Questions about Stained Glass.

Recording Stained Glass

If you are documenting the stained glass of your local church or building you may like to look at examples of the international CVMA Numbering system for stained glass windows.

The Church Recording Society (formerly NADFAS Church Recorders) have produced over 2,000 records of churches and have a searchable online index

Researching Stained Glass

We receive a number of enquiries from people who are trying to find out who made the stained glass windows in their local church or home. This Guide to researching Stained Glass Makers and Studios in the UK may help you find out where to look for information about the designer and/or maker of individual stained glass windows.

NADFAS Stained Glass Artist Lists - A-Z

These lists gather information on artists and dates of windows across the UK. They are very helpful for ascertaining the artist/maker of a particular window. Arranged alphabetically by artist/studio, the files can also be searched for a particular location. The information has been gathered from multiple sources including NADFAS Church Recorders, BSMGP Directories, books, archives and Record Offices. They should be used as a general guide as not every attribution has been verified. The lists have been compiled by Margaret Washbourn over many years, with assistance from Robert Eberhard and and many other contributors who have provided information.
Abbreviations & References (.xlsx)
Aikman - Cox (.xlsx)
Daniels - Heasman (.xlsx)
Heaton, Butler & Bayne - Lowndes & Drury (.xlsx)
Mayer - Rope (.xlsx)
Salisbury - Zettler (.xlsx)
These lists were last updated in April 2023

The Stained Glass of A.W.N. Pugin

An online updated version of Stanley Shepherd's The Stained Glass of A.W.N. Pugin


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The Stylistic Development of Stained Glass
Glossary of Stained Glass Terms
About Stained Glass - Frequently Asked Questions
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