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We are currently making plans to develop a new full online collections search. In the meantime you can Browse The Stained Glass Museum's Collection here although not all of the collection is included in this catalogue. For up-to-date information about objects in the Museum's collection, please contact us.


Collections map

The Stained Glass Museum's collection includes a large number of windows which have been removed and/or rescued from a variety of buildings across the UK and beyond. Many were originally designed for and installed in churches, synagogues and chapels, some of which no longer exist. Other windows came from hospitals and houses.

Using google maps we have created an online map which shows where some of the windows in our collection came from. The map pinpoints public buildings in cities, towns and villages where some of the stained glass windows in our collection were originally installed. The original location of over 100 windows in the museum's collection are plotted on this map and we hope you enjoy exploring it.

How to use the map

Using the tab on the upper left hand side, you can choose to view this map in several different ways. The green map pins show buildings which are still standing and which remain used for their original purpose. The blue map pins show buildings which have been partly- or completely demolished and, finally, the pink icons show buildings which still survive but have been repurposed, for commercial, domestic or other use. Click on each map pin to find out more information about a particular stained glass window.

This map only includes windows in the museum's collection which were originally installed in an architectural framework within a public building. It excludes glass made exclusively for domestic use, panels on loan to the museum and studio glass or exhibition panels. We have also excluded glass where we have incomplete information regarding the original location of a window or building.


Geoffrey Clarke Stained Glass - Conservation Blog

Our conservation blog, 'Through the eyes of the conservator', is a good resource to find out more about the life and work of modern British artist Geoffrey Clarke. It documents the purchase, conservation and display of four modern stained glass artworks by Clarke, which are now on permanent display in the Stained Glass Museum.


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