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Through the Eyes of the Conservator

Conservation of four modern stained glass panels by Geoffrey Clarke, RA (b.1925)

A blog, documenting the conservation of these panels and their display can now be seen

Phase I - Success! Download a Press Release.

Thanks to grants from The V&A Purchase Grant Fund, The Art Fund, The Headley Trust, The Matthew Wrightson Charitable Trust, The Decorative Arts Society (DAS), and several generous individual donors, The Stained Glass Museum has raised £15,000 to purchase four stained glass panels by the significant twentieth-century British stained glass artist Geoffrey Clarke, RA (b. 1924). Geoffrey Clarke, RA, was one of the stained glass artists who worked on the pioneering modern glazing project at Coventry Cathedral in 1957-62, producing three of the nave windows. The acquisition of these panels by Clarke, a respected Royal Academician who represented Great Britain at the International Biennale Exhibition in Venice three times, are fantastic additions to The Stained Glass Museum’s collection.

Geoffrey Clarke. Figure in a Landscape ‘St Anthony’, 1949.

Black and white photograph of stained glass (painted), 53 x 220cm (framed: 64 x 230cm)

All four of the stained glass panels (three of which date to 1949, while the fourth, Fragment, is dated 1956-59) reveal different influences, demonstrating how Clarke combined stained glass, mosaic and sculptural techniques to produce unique artworks.

Phase II - Conservation and Display

We now need to raise a further £5,000 to fund conservation work and the subsequent display of these panels. Please consider making a donation to the final phase of this Appeal! We suggest a gift of £50 (or more if you can), but any gift, however small, will help us to ensure these artworks are conserved for future generations and displayed in the main gallery at The Stained Glass Museum.


Priest (front), 1949                             Fragment, 1956-59                                      Saint Sebastian, 1949

Glass mosaic set in plaster                   Glass, lead, aluminium                                   Stained glass

56 x 36cm                                             91.4 x 73 x 15.2cm                                         40.5 x 24.5 x 7.2cm

How to Donate

Donate Online via Paypal:

By cheque: Cheques should be made payable to ‘The Stained Glass Museum’, and posted to: The Stained Glass Museum, The South Triforium, Ely Cathedral, Ely, CB7 4DL.

By debit/credit card: Please phone The Stained Glass Museum shop on 01353 660347 to make a donation towards the acquisition of these panels by Geoffrey Clarke by debit or credit card.

In person: Fill out a donation form at The Stained Glass Museum.

For more information contact Dr Jasmine Allen,





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