"The whole day was excellent. I was so impressed at the amount of activities fitted in while we were there. Such good value for money. So many different aspects of the curriculum were included. The children were fully engaged from start to finish." KS2 Teacher (Discover Stained Glass and Spotlight on Sparrow workshop), October 2019

NEW Arts Award Discover in a Day

Pupils will explore the science of glass and colour in this hands-on workshop. Pupils will learn about the visible light spectrum and key terminology such as absorption, reflection and transmission in the context of our collection. They will discover how stained glass is made, and create their own fused glass artworks in response to one of our panels.
Full day experience
£15 per pupil (minimum charge £150)

COMING SOON Arts Award Explore

We are currently developing our Arts Award offer both on and off-site. If you are interested in participating in our pilot phase, please contact

Discover Stained Glass

Guided by Theophilus the monk, pupils will explore the traditional art and craft of stained glass. This is a creative visual literacy session that can be themed to suit a variety of curriculum topics and interests. Pupils will learn how to 'read' stained glass windows, before creating their own souvenir artwork.
Duration and pricing dependent on creative activity chosen, please contact us for more information.

Spotlight on Sparrow

In this interactive spotlight session led by the wealthy Victorian lady Miss Annie Horniman, pupils will learn about the Victorian artist John Sylvester Sparrow who was commissioned to create the ‘Tristan and Isolde’ window for Miss Horniman’s apartment. Pupils will explore the ancient story illustrated in the panel through a dramatic re-enactment and then discover more about the innovative stained glass techniques employed by the artist. Inspired by the panel and these techniques pupils will then create their own piece of artwork.
1 hour 30 minutes
£3.50 per pupil (minimum charge £30)


Pupils will learn about the process of manufacturing stained-glass, and the dangerous working conditions experienced by Victorian child-apprentices. Pupils will also explore the Victorian glass on display at the Museum, before creating their own souvenir artwork inspired by one of our Victorian panels.
2 hours 30 minutes
£5 per pupil (minimum charge £75)
This session can be offered in partnership with Ely Museum to provide your learners with an immersive Victorian-themed day. Please contact us for more information.


These activities can be adapted to suit a wide range of ages and abilities. Sessions can also be enhanced and extended in length and complexity for more advanced learners. Please contact the Learning Officer directly if you would like to discuss any of these activities in more detail.


In this workshop pupils will be able to decorate a pre-printed acrylic suncatcher to display in a window at home or at school. This session is most suitable for EYFS and KS1.
30 minutes
£2 per pupil (minimum charge £30)

Glass Painting

Pupils will have time to explore the Museum and collect details and motifs from the panels on display. They will then be supported to turn these into a design for a final piece, which they will transfer onto either acrylic or glass using paints and pens. This session is suitable for KS1 and beyond.
1 hour 30 minutes
£3.50 per pupil if painting onto acrylic; £4.50 per pupil if painting onto glass (minimum charge £35)

Glass Fusing

Pupils will learn how to cut glass and then apply this skill to producing their own fused glass artwork. Pupils will work with flat glass, frit (ground glass), noodles, and stringers, which can be layered to produce a range of visual effects. Glass will be kiln-fired and available for collection approximately one week after your visit. This session is most suitable for KS2 and beyond, but can be adapted to accommodate KS1 learners.
2 hours
£10 per pupil (minimum charge £100)

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