Exclusive Stained Glass Museum Gifts

A new range of products only available from the Stained Glass Museum Shop. These gifts have been created especially for the the Stained Glass Museum and are not available to purchase from anywhere else. Many of our best loved stained glass exhibits are featured.

  (c) Stained Glass Museum

Stained Glass Ties

These stained glass ties feature a pattern based on one of the oldest medieval stained glass windows in the museum's collection. The geometric design is based on an early 13th century English 'grisaille' panel.

  (c) Stained Glass Museum

The ties are 100% silk and manufactured in the UK.

Price: £29.00 each (deliver to UK)

Stained Glass Jigsaw puzzles

These handcrafted wooden jigsaw puzzles have been made exclusively for The Stained Glass Museum. The jigsaws are made from sustainable materials in the UK. Two designs are available based on images from our collection of stained glass - the medieval 'Bust of a King' panel (c.1210), and modern stained glass panel 'Morning' by Hungarian-born Jewish artist Ervin Bossanyi (1932).

Small (40 piece) Jigsaw £7 plus P&P (UK delivery)
Large (250 piece) Jigsaw £27 plus P&P (UK delivery)

Buy small (40 piece) puzzle
Puzzle square  (c) Stained Glass Museum

Puzzle square

Price including postage
Puzzle Image

Buy large (250 piece) puzzle
Puzzle large  (c) Stained Glass Museum

Puzzle large

Price including postage
Puzzle Image

Stained Glass Coasters

These glass coasters feature some of our most popular windows in the Museum gallery ranging from an early 15th century depiction of Reynard the Fox to 1920s Arts and Crafts panels.

A unique chance to take a reproduction of our collection home with you, to enjoy every day!

Price: £20.00 plus P&P for a set of four (Dancing Girl, Reynard the Fox, Hammer & Tongs, and Sailing Ship)
Coaster - Hammer and Tongs  (c) Stained Glass Museum

Coaster - Hammer and Tongs

Coaster - Reynard  (c) Stained Glass Museum

Coaster - Reynard

Coaster - sailing ship  (c) Stained Glass Museum

Coaster - sailing ship

Coaster - dancing girl  (c) Stained Glass Museum

Coaster - dancing girl

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Stained Glass Museum Tea Towels

Burne-Jones Tea Towel  (c) Stained Glass Museum

Burne-Jones Tea Towel

Bring a little colour to your kitchen with this Stained Glass Museum tea-towel. The bold printed image features two Angel Musicians, designed by Edward Burne-Jones for Morris & Co. The image is taken fro a window made 1910-1912 for a demolished church in Birmingham.

Price: £9.50 plus P&P

Price including postage

Stained Glass Museum Tote Bag

SGM Tote Bag  (c) Stained Glass Museum

SGM Tote Bag

Need an everyday bag that can be taken anywhere? Then here is your answer. Our tote bags have our bold contemporary logo design to remind you of your visit to the Museum.
Price: £4.50 plus P&P

Price including postage

Dancing Girl Mug

Mug front  (c) Stained Glass Museum

Mug front

Mug back  (c) Stained Glass Museum

Mug back

This mug features two images of dancing girls, taken from the stained glass roundels of the same name in the Museum's collection, which were designed and painted by Thomas Cowell in the 1920s.

Price: £7.50 plus P&P

Price including postage

John Piper Notepad
  (c) Stained Glass Museum

This A5 plain notepad is ideal for taking notes and sketches. The cover design is reproduced from an abstract Experimental panel in stained glass (c.1956-59) designed by 20th century British artist John Piper (1903-92), and made by Patrick Reyntiens (b. 1925).

Price: £4 plus P&P

Price including postage

Stained Glass Magnets
Magnets  (c) Stained Glass Museum


These magnets feature some of our most popular windows in the Museum gallery ranging from our earliest 13th century panel to modern works by Burne-Jones.

Price: £12 plus P&P for a set of four

Price including postage

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