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Our unique museum shop stocks an exciting range of unique hand crafted gifts, stained and fused glass art, jewellery, glassware, decorations and much more!

Glass Pieces and books from the museum shop

We also stock a number of books, including our Gallery Guide and Light in the East, a gazetteer of stained glass in Cambridgeshire and the Fens.

New Gallery Guide: Highlights from the Collection

The Stained Glass Museum

Highlights from the Collection

Jasmine Allen

SCALA Publishing, 2017

ISBN: 9781785510595
Size: 240 x 172 mm / 6¾ x 9½ in.
Binding: Paperback
Pages: 72


£8.00 inc. P&P (deliver to UK)

£10.00 inc. P&P (deliver to Europe)

£15.00 inc. P&P (deliver to USA)

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• Beautifully illustrated with new full-colour photography

• Spans a wide variety of examples - from secular buildings as well as religious ones, and from as far afield as Europe and America

• Offers a unique opportunity to compare and contrast a range of stained glass styles, and see how the technique developed

Located in the magnificent setting of the south triforium of Ely Cathedral, the Stained Glass Museum is the only museum in the UK solely dedicated to the ancient art and craft of stained glass, which has been practised in Britain for almost 1,500 years. Once almost solely confined to church buildings and manor houses whose patrons could afford luxurious coloured glass windows, from the 19th century stained glass also became popular in secular buildings. In recent times it has been used to enliven and form part of the main structure of corporate buildings, hotels, community and shopping centres. 

The Stained Glass Museum has given new life to hundreds of windows removed from redundant buildings across the British Isles, since its foundation in 1972. This guide describes and illustrates highlights from the Museum’s growing collection of over 1,000 stained glass panels and windows, from the 13th century through to the present day, as well as associated designs, sketches, cartoons and tools.

Exclusive Stained Glass Museum Gifts

A new range of products only available from the Stained Glass Museum Shop. These gifts have been created especially for the the Stained Glass Museum and are not available to purchase from anywhere else. Many of our best loved stained glass exhibits are featured.

Stained Glass Ties


These stained glass ties feature a pattern from an early medieval English 'grisaille' stained glass panel in the Museum's collection. The ties are 100% silk.

Price: £29.00 each


Stained Glass Jigsaw puzzles

These handcrafted jigsaw puzzles have been amde exclusively for The Stained Glass Museum. Two designs are available based on images from our collection of stained glass - the medieval 'Bust of a King' panel, dating to 1210, and modern stained glass panel 'Morning' by Ervin Bossanyi, dating from 1932.

Small (40 piece) Jigsaw £7 plus P&P

Large (250 piece) Jigsaw £27 plus P&P
Price including postage
Puzzle Image
Price including postage
Puzzle Image


Stained Glass Coasters

dancing girls coaster reynard fox coaster hammer tongs coastersailing ship coaster

These glass coasters feature some of our most popular windows in the Museum gallery ranging from early 15th century Reynard the Fox to 1920s Arts and Crafts panels.

A unique chance to take a reproduction of our collection home with you, to enjoy every day!

Price: £20.00 plus P&P for a set of four (Dancing Girl, Reynard the Fox, Hammer & Tongs, and Sailing Ship)

Price including postage

Stained Glass Museum Tea Towels

Bring a little colour to your kitchen with this Stained Glass Museum tea-towel. The bold printed image is of the Museum's Angel Muscians by Edward Burne-Jones 1910-1912.

Stained Glass Museum Tote Bag

Need an everyday bag that can be taken anywhere? Then here is your answer. Our tote bags have our bold contemporary logo design to remind you of your visit to the Museum.


Price: £9.50 plus P&P

Tote bag


Price: £4.50 plus P&P

Price including postage
Price including postage


Dancing Girl Mug

This mug features two images of dancing girls, taken from the stained glas roundels of the same name in the museum's collection, designed and painted by Thomas Cowell in the 1920s.

Price: £7.50 plus P&P

Price including postage


John Piper Notepadpiper notepad

This A5 plain notepad is ideal for taking notes and sketches. The cover design is reproduced from an abstract Experimental panel in stained glass (1956-59) designed by 20th century British artist John Piper (1903-92), and made by Patrick Reyntiens (b. 1925).

Price: £4 plus P&P

Price including postage


Stained Glass Magnets

These magnets feature some of our most popular windows in the Museum gallery ranging from our earliest 13th century panel to modern works by Burne-Jones.

Price: £12 plus P&P for a set of four (detail of Burne-Jones / Morris & Co. Angel Musician ; detail of Karl Parsons' Hammer & Tongs; medieval Bust of a King; and Bossanyi’s Morning).

Price including postage

We stock a number of books on the history of stained glass and glassmaking in the museum shop. Below are just a selection of titles available. Please contact the shop to enquire about purchasing.


Damozels and Deities: Pre-Raphaelite Stained Glass 1870-1898: Edward Burne-Jones, Henry Holiday by William Waters and Alastair Carew-Cox (Searaphim Press, 2017)
Margaret Rope of Shrewsbury by Arthur Rope (2016)

Arts & Crafts Stained Glass by Peter Cormack (Yale University Press, 2015)

Wilhelmina Geddes: Life and Work by Nicola Gordon-Bowe (Four Courts Press, 2015)
Stained glass in Welsh Churches by Martin Crampin (Y Llofa, 2015)
Geoffrey Clarke: A New Spirit in Glass (Stained Glass Museum, 2014)
Medieval and Renaissance Stained Glass in the Victoria and Albert Museum by Paul Williamson (2014)
Patrick Reyntiens Catalogue of Stained Glass by Libby Horner (Sansom Press, 2013)
Angels and Icons: Pre-Raphaelite Stained Glass 1850-1870 by William Waters and Alastair Carew-Cox (Seraphim Press, 2012)
Harry Clarke: The Life & Work by Nicola Gordon-Bowe (The History Press, 2012 revised edition)
The Stained Glass of A. W. N. Pugin by Stanley Shepherd (Spire Books, 2009)
Stained Glass Masterpieces of the Modern Era by Xavier Barral i Altet (Thames & Hudson, 2007)
A history of the stained glass of St Georges Chapel, Windsor by Sarah Brown (ed.) (2006)
The Rose Window: Splendour & Symbol by Painton Cowen (Thames & Hudson, 2005)
Stained Glass and the Victorian Gothic Revival by Jim Cheshire (Manchester University Press, 2004)
Unique Glass Gifts

The Museum sells a range of unique handmade glass gifts. Artists currently represented in our Museum shop include: Ann Benwell, Althea Braithwaite, Yvonne Freeborn, Sarah Hunt, Flora Jamieson, Deborah Lowe, Mark Palmer, Lesley Ramos, June Ridley, Alison Tait. We also hold regular exhibitions of contemporary glass too. For more information see our Exhibitions page.



Do you make stained glass or items that might be suitable to sell in our shop? Please contact our Shop Manager by email or phone 01353 660347






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