Discover Stained Glass (Sensory Workshop)

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Suitable for: can be adapted to suit groups needs
In-Person Option: Yes
Digital Option: No

Art and Design Performance Indicators
- P1 (i) Pupils encounter activities and experiences
- P1 (ii) Pupils show emerging awareness of activities and experiences
- P2 (i) Pupils begin to respond consistently to familiar people, events and objects -(Pupils accept and engage in coactive exploration)

In this interactive and sensory session you will meet Cecilius, a monk at Ely Cathedral who will tell you all about the teachings of Theophilus the Monk. He will teach you all about the making of stained glass, its history, how its blown into a sheet and how its fixed together. This visit will take your students through the process of glassmaking and the art of stained glass it’s from raw material to final product. Pupils will get to explore and touch the different materials we use for making stained glass and play with colour. A lot of the session will be delivered non-verbally encouraging interaction with the objects and our collection.

PRICE(In-person): £3.50 per pupil (Minimum charge £35)
PRICE (Delivered on-site at your school): Additional £25
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From 18 May 2021
Tuesday-Saturday 10am-3.30pm


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