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Education - Magnificent Monasteries - with Ely Cathedral

Theophilus the Monk demonstrates glass and window making Visions and Dreams Kaleidoscopes
Kaleidoscopes Light Fantastic Victorian Tools
Magnificent Monasteries Heaven and Earth Victorian Tools

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Magnificent Monasteries!
With Ely Cathedral

Special RE, history and creativity days at the Cathedral and the Stained Glass Museum, learning about the life and craftsmanship skills of medieval monks.

  • Experience a day in the life of a monk, including wearing a monk’s habit, eating potage for lunch and attending a Chapter meeting.

  • Illuminate a manuscript letter and see tools, pigments & vellum

  • See the glorious stained glass windows, learn how they were made and paint a panel to take home.

If you would like further information on education in the Stained Glass Museum contact us.


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