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The Stained Glass Museum's Collection includes over 1,000 stained glass panels from both religious and secular buildings, from all parts of the British Isles. In addition to the many completed stained glass panels and windows, the Museum has a number of smaller trial-pieces of stained and painted glass, fragments and samples of glass material, many of which derived from artists' studios.

Preparatory Designs, Cartoons, Maquettes

The Museum has a small but significant collection of preparatory designs, New Gallery guide covercartoons and maquettes relating to nineteenth- and twentieth-century stained glass. These designs are sometimes displayed as part of temporary exhibitions.

Tools, materials and other miscellaneous objects

The Museum also has a collection of tools and materials related to the design and manufacture of glass, lead and stained glass windows. Many of these are on display in the main gallery.

Objects in the Museum's reserve collection are accessible via prior arrangement only. Please contact the Curator to make an appointment.

A guide to the museum's collection The Stained Glass Museum: Highlights from the Collection (SCALA 2017) is now available. Purchase a copy now.

Search the Collections

We are currently making plans to develop a new full online collections search. In the meantime you can browse some of the museum's collections in our online catalogue. For up-to-date informaton about objects in the Museum's collection, please contact us.

Our Collecting Policy

The Stained Glass Museum exists to collect the finest representative examples of stained glass and associated materials, of all periods. The Stained Glass Museum is actively developing its collection through new acquisitions, and is reliant upon gifts and bequests, as well as grant-funding to make new acquisitions. New acquisitions are first considered by the Curator and Acquisitions Advisory Committee, and then a recommendation is made to the Board of Trustees. All decisions are guided by the museum's Collections Development Policy.

View the Stained Glass Museum's Collecting Policy



The Museum has a growing specialist reference library, with a number of books, articles and pamphlets related to stained glass, glass, art and architecture, heraldry, and ecclesiastical history.

Browse and search the Museum's Library holdings (PDF last updated April 2019).

The Library is open to the public via appointment only.


Find out more

Geoffrey Clarke Stained Glass - Conservation Blog

Our conservation blog, 'Through the eyes of the conservator', is a good resource to find out more about the life and work of modern British artist Geoffrey Clarke. It documents the purchase, conservation and display of four modern stained glass artworks by Clarke, which are now on permanent display in the Stained Glass Museum.







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