The Stained
Glass Museum


The Stained Glass Museum is an excellent educational resource for all ages.

The Museum runs a range of cross curricular hands-on workshops for KS1 & KS2 often in conjunction with Ely Cathedral.

Theophilus the Monk demonstrates glass and window making Visions and Dreams Kaleidoscopes

The Story of
Stained Glass

Visions & Dreams


Spectacular Science Light Fantastic Victorian Tools

Spectacular Science

Light Fantastic


Magnificent Monasteries Heaven and Earth Victorian Tools

Magnificent Monasteries

Heaven and Earth

Workshops with
Ely Cathedral

Students and Researchers

The Museum has an extensive reference library, open via prior appointment. There are study facilities including a free internet connection.

Leisure Learning

For practical painting and glazing stained glass workshops see our Workshops page.

For Additional Events and Information please see our News and Events page.

We regret that photography is not allowed in the Gallery.

If you would like further information on education in the Stained Glass Museum contact us.


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